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How to plant and prune a blueberry bush

How to Enjoy Your Garden and Prevent Injuries

Gardening is an activity that brings pleasure to many adults. Drive through any St. Louis neighborhood and you will see people energetically planting, trimming, raking and mulching their gardens. Often as we try to whip our gardens into shape we underestimate the time and effort it will take and overestimate our physical abilities. Later that evening or the next day we feel pain and stiffness in our neck, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists and knees. Is it possible to enjoy the fruits, flowers and vegetables of your labor and minimize the discomfort or pain that you feel afterwards? The answer is yes especially if you use the tips listed below. Click here to read more.


How to plant and prune a blueberry bush

How to Plant and Prune a Blueberry Bush

1. Choose a location with at least 8 hours of sun.

2. Good drainage is important so a raised bed works best.

3. Dig a hole 20” wide by 15” deep.

4. Mix the soil from the hole with either; peat moss and Soil Perfector or Cottonburr Compost, 1/4lb of Soil Acidifier and Soil Perfector.

5. After planting with the soil mix, fill the hole with water and water a minimum of 3-5 gallons per plant 2 times per week.  Read more

Springtime Rose Care Tips
Springtime Rose Care Tips

If roses are expected to perform in the 'show-stopping' manner that most gardeners envision, a few steps need to be taken to prepare them for 'the show.' If given the following care, your roses will be off to a great start this spring.

Pruning while the plant is still dormant and ideally just after the last frost, removes buds without reducing the energy stored in the roots and canes. The heavier you prune, the more buds are removed and the more energy will be available to each remaining bud. The farther down the cane a bud eye is, the stronger it's cane and larger it's bloom will be. Canes the thickness of a pencil will produce strong flowers. One exception is with roses that bloom only once a year, remember to prune after they bloom. If pruned the following spring, you will be sacrificing blooms from these varieties. Read more

Year round Rose Care Tips
Year Round Rose Care Tips

Roses perform best when they receive full sunshine for at least 5-6 hours daily. Morning sun is essential; partial afternoon shade is acceptable.

Air Circulation
Good air movement through the foliage will keep it dry and discourage disease. Plant away from situations that will prevent good air movement and/or plan to prune your bushes so they’ll receive adequate air circulation.

Roses need good drainage. This can be achieved by burying a drain tile if a rose bed is being prepared in a site known for poor drainage and/or raised beds are an easier solution. Properly prepared soil, whether for an individual plant or an entire rose bed is the first step in guaranteed success. Organic matter such as Cotton Burr Compost  is essential for soil amendment. Not only will it give good texture and drainage; it also aids in the ability to retain moisture and adds nutrients to your soil. Super-phosphate (3-4 lbs. per 100 square feet) is a great nutrient to add for stronger root development.  Read more

Vegetables that Work in Containers

Vegetables That Work in Containers

If you don't have the space for a vegetable or herb garden, and would love to grow veggies, don't give up hope. Many herbs and vegetables are suited for planting in containers. The following chart shows examples of some of the varieties of vegetables that work in various containers. The following is a chart of herbs and vegetables that work in various containers. Read more

Tropical Plants
Tropical Plant Care 101

For the seasoned gardener or house plant fanatic, keeping house plants alive and thriving might be second nature, but by no means a great secret! Light, water and humidity, proper soil, fertilization, an occasional cleaning, simple pruning and knowing your insects are the keys.

The level of light plays a major role in the decision making process of what plants should be purchased. A bright window with some direct sun light is ideal. Unfortunately many of us don't have this ideal location to be able to grow sun-loving types of plants. If this is your scenario, there are many plants to choose from that thrive in lower light. Read More...

Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

The common name for the Phalaenopsis is the Moth Orchid as the flower petals resembles a moth's wings. Phalaenopsis orchids are the most common orchids available because they are easy to grow and they have a very long bloom time. They come in a many colors from beautiful pure white to colorful spotted harlequins.

A good sized orchid generally blooms from winter into spring, but can continue flowering, with a few flowers throughout the year. Read more...


How to create a Terrarium and Take Care of it

In the last century, as Victorian explorers were traveling the unknown corners of the world, desperately collecting exotic plant species, they discovered they had a problem figuring out how to transport these delicate plants back home alive and healthy. The answer was the Ward Case, today called a terrarium. This little miniature greenhouse is closed to dust, pests and drying air. Read More...


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